We all need a Vacation

So I share stuff like this with my clients everyday. I find out really cool, amazing tips from them too. I LOVE my clients, I feel like I’m hanging out with friends all day, and we really pass some good things back and forth.

My little family recently went on vacation to Maui for Spring Break. It had been several years that we have gone on a big vacation like this. Truthfully I’d like to do it every year. Heck, I’d like to do it several times a year, but most of us can’t afford that. As always, we had such a great time as a family in our favorite tropical place! And people…we NEED our vacation time!!! Work hard, play hard and Life is short and you just gotta do it. Take the VACAY. Do it.

I just couldn’t help thinking I want to do it again next year. 

This last year I saved the money pretty easy because my Son and I were on a payment plan for the New York/DC Middle school trip. We had decided not to go, and we got our money back. I took that money and paid for 3/4 of our trip to Maui. So here’s the thing, I knew there had to be an App for helping me save money for another Spring Break trip, that wasn’t tied up with our other savings accounts.

Guess what? There was! So hey, check out this cool app someone smart created, to help people like me. I absolutely love it. If you click on my link you get $5 to start!

My little Miss Avery Jean-9 Years
My Son & the Ono he caught. My handsome husband on the right♥️

Click here! https://digit.co/r/ZJemLRYKtE?ai&twb=true

Author: Haleyjean

I am a Wife to Chad, and Mom to Lane and Avery 13 & 9. We have Pigs & Chickens that we have raised for 4-H. Our Dog Hank is absolutely part of our family and we miss him when we are gone.

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