Going Natural? Ok maybe…slowly:)

As I’ve gotten older I’m really trying to do as many natural health things as possible. After I cured a sinus infection by drinking apple cider vinegar, I was a believer👍🏻🍎

So when a 20 year hair client of mine, gave me her organic recipe to cure some coughing and lung issues with our 4-H pigs, I was happy to try it. She owns an organic dairy and this is what they give their cows that get sick with a cold/cough. They actually have an Organic Veterinarian they use.

Garlic Tincture. Have you ever heard of it? It’s an ancient Tibetan recipe that only has 2 simple ingredients. You can make a couple different ways, but this is how she told me she does it.

2 cups Vodka 

1 cup finely sliced garlic bulbs

*Add both of these items to a mason jar with the lid screwed on tightly. Store in windowsill for 3 weeks. Shake every day. After 3 weeks, drain the liquid into a dark glass or medicinal jar and dispose of garlic. Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about Garlic Tincture.⬇️


I order these bottles on Amazon to store and use for droppers.

I store tincture in these bottles.
We use these droppers to take our 4-5 drops a day in the morning.

We now feed this to our pigs if they get a cough and we also use it as an every day supplement. AND…my 89 year old Father in Law swears by this. He went this Winter without his usual terrible chest cold. He lets me know when he is ready for more!

Gabby and Hazel. Hazel was our pig that had the cough.

Author: Haleyjean

I am a Wife to Chad, and Mom to Lane and Avery 13 & 9. We have Pigs & Chickens that we have raised for 4-H. Our Dog Hank is absolutely part of our family and we miss him when we are gone.

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