Mom’s, are you ready for Summer?

My List for our family

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some down time with my kids. And YES, warm WEATHER! What’s on your Bucket List for the Summer?

You can prioritize the most important to you, starting with #1

1. Make concrete flower pots.

2. Get some hikes in.

3. More Camping, and try a new place.

4. Finish our concrete fire pit.

5. Finish our Hallway Closet project.

6. Relax in our new Wal-Mart pool. 😂

7. Family Vacation to the Lake.

8. Our 4-H Fair Week with our Kids, showing pigs. My FAVE! 🐖

9. BBQ more at home.

10. Ideas from you ALL!!! What’s on your Bucket List?!

Having a Summer Bucket List can be really fun for the whole Family. No need to complete your whole list, the ideas are just handy to have.

Author: Haleyjean

I am a Wife to Chad, and Mom to Lane and Avery 13 & 9. We have Pigs & Chickens that we have raised for 4-H. Our Dog Hank is absolutely part of our family and we miss him when we are gone.

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