Easy Freezer Burritos

I’ve never done massive quantities of food prep like you see on some Blogs or Amazing Pinterest posts. I really have always thought that would be truly great to have all that food just stored away, so that every day life would be SO SIMPLE! You arrive home after work and in the middle of homework, and getting to practices/games, you simply pop one those nicely stored away freezer meals and in 30 minutes you serve your family a homemade delicious dinner. Literally there are minimal dishes after your family meal, and no fighting about who’s on dish duty.

One thing I have realized is, it is a TON OF WORK taking up several free days. Plus, you also have to have ample freezer space available! My family is notorious for getting tired of things if they have them too much. Too much of a good thing can end up freezer burnt and just wasted. All that time and money just…down the drain.

Spring baseball always has our family really busy, so it’s very convenient when I get a couple hours on a weekend to make up some easy freezer food for my family. They really LOVE these burritos I have made in advance, and stored in the freezer. My girlfriend brought these by when I had foot surgery in January, and it was a GOD SEND! My husband doesn’t cook so there wasn’t a lot meals happening during the first week or two of my recovery. Cooking on crutches is not a fun task. Grocery shopping wasn’t happening at that time either, no surprise at all to me 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

This is what has worked for my family! I just do a few freezer food meals at a time, here and there.

TIP-when you make soup, stew, spaghetti sauce, WHATEVER…make double or triple the amount. (Not time consuming at all. You’ve made your dinner AND you didn’t need to block out a weekend out of your life for MEAL PREP. It just sounds miserable to me, and I have so many other things I want to do with my time, because it just takes more time away from my family.

KUDOS to all of you Moms who food prep for a month of meals, I’m a teensy bit jealous.

Freezer Burritos

2 lbs taco meat

Tortilla shells

Refried beans

Mexican rice-a-roni

Shredded Mexi cheese

Cooking oil-your choice

Wrap all your burritos. Heat A teaspoon at a time of oil in a frying pan on medium, and brown each side. My kids only like just taco meat and cheese. I do 2 separate freezer bags and label, EVERYTHING and MEAT AND CHEESE.


Author: Haleyjean

I am a Wife to Chad, and Mom to Lane and Avery 13 & 9. We have Pigs & Chickens that we have raised for 4-H. Our Dog Hank is absolutely part of our family and we miss him when we are gone.

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